Seres OEM quick dry sport polo-shirt display

The quick drying T-shirt is made of functional scribing technology fabric, which has the performance of moisture absorption, perspiration and rapid drying in a certain period of time. The main component of fast drying fabric is synthetic fiber with spatial structure rather than cotton
Compared with wool or cotton clothes, it is easier to volatilize water and dry faster under the same external conditions.
How fast drying T-shirts work
The principles of different quick drying fabrics are different: the characteristic principle of using lesser shape memory polymer; the principle of micro air film; and the principle of the difference between water molecule diameter and water molecule and air molecule.
The purpose is to quickly absorb the human body’s sweat and arrange it to the outer layer of the fabric, and speed up the evaporation rate through the largest possible diffusion area.
The faster the water diffuses on the fabric, the larger the diffusion area is, the faster the evaporation speed is, the easier the fabric is to dry, and the more the backbone performance can be realized.

The latest popular garment tie-dyeing process and dip dye process, clothing customization in China

In the clothing market from 2019 to 2020, tie-dyeing is a very dazzling craft. It combines the designer’s grasp of color and geometry, as well as the touch of fabric, abstract and symmetrical symbols make fashion look handy, and this is also one of the hottest casual T-shirt design styles on Amazon in 2020.Seres will show some photos of tie-dyed garments we have produced

Tie-dyeing is called Zhaval, twisted, clipped and dyed in ancient times. It is a traditional and unique dyeing process in China. A dyeing method in which the fabric is partially ligated so that it cannot be colored during dyeing. It is one of the traditional Chinese manual dyeing techniques.

The tie-dyeing process is divided into two parts: tie-dyeing and dyeing. It uses yarn, thread, rope and other tools to bind, sew, tie, tie, and clip the fabric and then dye it. The process feature is a printing and dyeing technique in which the printed fabric is twisted into knots with threads, and then printed and dyed, and then the twisted threads are removed. It has more than one hundred variations of techniques, each with its own characteristics. For example, the “roll up and twist” is rich in color, natural changes and endless fun. What is even more surprising is that tie each kind of flower, even if there are thousands of them, they will not appear the same after dyeing. This unique artistic effect is difficult to achieve by the mechanical printing and dyeing process.

Custom made silk cheongsam, gorgeous luxury clothing for women

Silk generally refers to silk, including mulberry silk, tussah silk, castor silk, cassava silk, etc. Silk is known as the “fiber Queen”, with its unique charm has been favored by people from all ages, silk belongs to protein fiber.

Silk fiber is the only natural filament fiber that has been used in practice. It is made from silk fibroin and mucus. According to the different feeding habits of silkworms, silk fibers can be divided into several types, including mulberry leaves, tussah leaves and other wild silk fibers. Mulberry silk fiber and tussah silk fiber can retain the form of filament fiber into the filament yarn formed by bundle formation, while other kinds of wild silk fiber can only be transformed into short fiber for textile processing. Among the filament yarns formed by the bundles of mulberry silk fiber and tussah silk fiber, the filament yarn of mulberry silk fiber is the most important one, accounting for the majority of natural filament yarn.

Cheongsam, the perfect embodiment of Chinese civilization and female elegance, represents the splendid historical culture and aesthetic trend of the East Asian cultural circle, and is one of the clothing types that conforms to human body aesthetics.

Cheongsam is not only the embodiment of Chinese culture, but also the embodiment of Japanese culture, Korean culture, Vietnamese culture and other East Asian civilization aesthetics. Silk and cheongsam show the luxury and beauty from Asia, not just China. Seres clips OEM, with an open attitude to serve the world.

A model of luxury clothing, extremely luxurious embroidery

What kind of clothing is considered a luxury? High price? Or rare material? SERES OEM believes that the value of luxury goods is embodied in the designer’s creativity, artistic viewpoint, and expression of beauty, as well as the determination of unlimited pursuit of craftsmanship and technology.
In the clothing industry, what material best reflects the preciousness of fabrics? We think it is silk. This kind of fabric with precious meaning and artistic value for thousands of years has given human civilization the most brilliant tactile and visual effects.
In terms of craftsmanship, embroidery, and extremely complex embroidery, is where the designer can best show the charm of his clothing as a luxury item. When you embroider and knit thousands of stitches on a palm-sized fabric, any of your Design inspiration can be perfectly embodied.
The reason why our products become luxury products is because they contain unmatched artistic viewpoints and determination to pursue beauty.

Boutique, OEM custom-made jackets

Jackets are a large category of casual coat, mostly using high-grade polyester fibers, cotton and polyester fiber blends, wool and cotton blends, polyester fibers, leather and its derivatives, stitching, silk, nylon and wool, Wool fabrics are used for high-end jackets. Fabrics, SERES OEM jacket production includes knitting and weaving processes, can customize a variety of high-grade military collars, pilot collars, special zippers, etc. Meet the various needs of customers,

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Sublimation T-shirt, a T-shirt that shocks your cat!

sublimation printing technology is a kind of environmentally friendly and realistic ink printing technology. Taking advantage of the sublimation characteristics of some disperse dyes, clothing manufacturers choose disperse dyes sublimated at 150~230°C, make them into inkjet printing inks, and then print the disperse dye inks on special transfer paper according to different design patterns. (This is a special paper, so it is called transfer paper), and then the patterned transfer paper is in close contact with the fabric. Under the control of a certain temperature, pressure and time, the dye is transferred from the transfer paper It is transferred to the fabric and enters into the fabric through diffusion, so as to achieve the purpose of coloring. Modern high-tech processes can simply use a computer to restore printed patterns without the need for molds. Therefore, SERES OEM often chooses to use computer machine tools for direct control of small clothing orders, such as less than 100 pieces. You can print some clothes to Portraits of your team members, company slogan texts, and even photos of your cats serve as patterns for your clothes. SERES OEM can restore your inner thoughts, allowing you to get a fantasy, casual , comfortable and luxurious ,relax experience.

Production of company uniforms, group uniforms, labor insurance uniforms

Seres clothing OEM can provide company group clothes, work clothes, assembly clothes, etc. Can use high-level technology, use multi-thread technology, use five-thread to six-thread knitting machine for sewing, can provide a variety of colors, a variety of LOGO custom processing, can provide polyester fiber, pure cotton, cotton and linen blended, Various processing methods of various fabrics such as linen, silk, long-staple cotton, etc., can provide anti-static, anti-pollution, wear-resistant, dirty-resistant work clothes, labor insurance clothes, company uniforms, etc.

Sublimation printed T-shirt

Dye-sublimation printing technology, with colorful colors and rich patterns, but smooth and delicate hand, does not damage the fabric, suitable for high-quality T-shirts in fantasy style, steampunk, reggae hip-hop and Aboriginal cultural style.
Advantages: (1) No water and no sewage.
(2) The process flow is short, and it is the finished product after printing. No post-treatment processes such as steaming and washing are required.
(3) Fine patterns, rich and clear layers, high artistry, strong three-dimensional sense, which are beyond the common methods of printing, and can print photography and painting style patterns.
(4) The printing color is bright. During the sublimation process, the tar in the dye is left on the transfer paper without contaminating the fabric.
(5) The rate of genuine products is high, and multiple sets of color patterns can be printed at one time without transferring flowers.
(6) Strong flexibility, customers can print the pattern in a short time after selecting the pattern.

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Process examples of Burnt-out fabric in the Chinese fabric market in 2020

The application of burnt-out fabrics in clothing is mainly used in the layered blending of silk, artificial silk, cotton and polyester. It is a printing process that was born to create a three-dimensional sense.

It is made of silk with polyester or man-made silk, and also has core-spun yarn, which is mainly colored cotton fiber. When the fabric is composed, it is printed with an acid agent and dried, Steaming, etc., this is mainly to remove some of the moisture contained in the cotton fiber, and finally after washing with water, a flower shape containing only polyester is obtained, and this flower shape is translucent.

Burnt-out cloth actually refers to a fabric with a translucent flower shape on the surface of the cloth. It has good breathability, its overall size is relatively stable, and it also has the characteristics of fast drying and no need for washing and ironing. , Like high-end shirts, POLO, etc. It can also be embroidered on its surface. After some main processing, the product can be more luxurious and beautiful.

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